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A pocket watch symbolizes your love for refinement, elegance, and originality. And the quality of the Bold Time watches reflects this perfectly.


For fans of cogs and wheels

Gentleman's Pocket Watch bold time

Gentleman’s Pocket Watch

The Gentleman Pocket Watch is the perfect accessory for the modern man! A sublime Double Half Pocket Watch.
Royal Pocket Watch Bold Time

Royal Pocket Watch

Enjoy the luxury of this Royal Vintage Pocket Watch, a very elegant chronograph with an engraved coat of arms and an exposed mechanism.
Legacy Pocket Watch Bold Time

Legacy Pocket Watch

Charm and classicism are the order of the day for this Vintage Legacy Pocket Watch with its black Arabic numerals set in fine gold inserts.


Here, every good Gentleman and lady will find the best Pocket Watch selection to match his wardrobe to the look he will wear today and tomorrow.

Elegance and soberness for a bold man

For us, the Pocket Watch is not only an accessory; it reflects the whole personality of its purchaser. You should pay particular attention to your choice by adopting a model of character and authenticity of Bold time.
Our choice is also varied for this reason: each accessory must be thought out in advance to perfectly coincide with the rest of the style worn, whether it is the watch, the belt, the shoes, or even the way you trim the beard. Here, every good Gentleman will find happiness in combining his wardrobe with the look he will wear today and tomorrow.

Time Pieces for a Women of Taste

Add a pocket watch to your wardrobe and brighten it with this unique and exotic charm accessory. Find your happiness in our women’s pocket watch collection and choose the watch that will make you stand out!

new MECHANICAL pocket watches FOR SALE

Discover our new models of Mechanical Pocket Watches always as elegant and refined for sale. Tempt yourself with these timepieces specially designed to suit all looks while bringing a uniquely bold style to its wearer.


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